An Explosion Of Taste

“Proba merx facile emptorem reperit”

Trade policy characterizing the management of MAMMAMIA is based on the words of the Latin Plautus Proba merx easy emptorem reperit (good merchandise is easily buyers).

Mammamia Srl is a young company, that was founded with the aim of exporting the Made in Sicily all over the country and overseas.

The production plant is located on the slopes of Etna in the heart of eastern Sicily.

Its products are manufactured in compliance with the Sicilian tradition and will bring the aromas and flavors.

The company propose to the world of large retailers with a new line of products designed for the consumer who does not want to give up the pleasure of a typical product to be consumed in your own home.

The quality of the raw materials we use and the thoroughness with which we manage our production cycle and transportation, make our products unparalleled in taste and authenticity.

Our new line.
An Explosion Of Taste

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