Our Numbers

A structure of 1300mq with more than 90 pallet spaces, a computerized monitoring and constant cold of space, more than 800 customers in the area and overseas and a team of qualified young people who work daily in the preparation of about 7500 pieces are some of the numbers that we have achieved in recent years, with the ‘goal to improve them every year without losing our craftsmanship.

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The Company History

An Idea

That’s how in 2009 was born the MAMMAMIA SRL

The idea of ​​a Father and his children who love good food, a passion for entrepreneurship handed down from grandparents and knowing how to interact with people has meant that the MAMMAMIA has built over the years a solid foundation for success in the food industry. Started from the bottom, from a small workshop of just 400 square meters with an IDEA of work that focuses on the respect for tradition and craftsmanship, perseverance and a lot of sacrifices, as a result, have increased our company and our desire to make ourselves known in the food industry. We introduce, therefore, today to a range of customers of all ages with simple but at the same time tasty and flavorful that meet the needs of every palate. The many achievements, the desire to get more involved, bet on ourselves, but also on our customers by listening to any advice, appreciation or criticism, they make each day more proud and love the work we do.